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Tour code:Tr4.2.YpEn
Departure: Bucharest

Off Road Motorcycle Tour Carpathian Mountains
Bucharest departure



Perfect gravel roads for enduro riding

Visit Sarmisegetuza, the ancient capital of the Dacians, one of the few that resisted Roman assaults

Pack a large memory card in your camera, you’ll love the views out here.

Day by day itinerary:

Day 1, Bucharest – Orastie
yippee-mic-5Arrival, dinner and housing in Orăstie.

Your housing will be placed right on top of the old entrance into the medieval stronghold, founded in 1224.

Pick up from other airport in the country also available.

Day 2, Orastie – Prislop – Orastie
Riding time: 5 hours
yippee-mic-1Set on a plateau 1100 meters high, about half way between Tomnatic and Lupsa is the Prislop chalet, an entirely wooden structure raised in 1953.
Departure from Orastie is via an easy gravel road, generally passable in any car. The route chosen for off road enthusiasts consistently avoids any tarmac, save for four kilometers upon entering Sibișel. This makes for a short and easy half-day ride, intended for those who want to get a better feel for the bike’s reaction on loose soil or simply want to relax. It is easily covered on any bike, regardless of its weight or rider experience.
Optional: you can add on a moderate-difficulty climb up to the Tomnatic peak (6 km, altitude 1245 m, slope 34.8%).


Day 3, Orastie – Sarmisegetuza – Orastie
Riding time: 6 hours
yippee-mic-2The Dacian Sanctuary hidden in the mountains of Orastie needs no further introduction. For the enduro passionate looking for a light, picturesque trail, we’ve chosen a track who’s only stretch of tarmac covers a mere 30 meters, in Costesti. All the rest is bare earth road and gravel in equal amounts, twisted along the hills and valleys leading up to the sanctuary. The trail is easily covered on any bike in dry weather; one has to pay attention during rain however, as heavier bikes will tend to slip away here and there. Alternatively, one can reach Costesti following the mainasphalt road -705A, wherefrom a fine quality gravel leads all the way to the sanctuary gate. Either way, this makes for a fine full day trip, with lunch served under the shadow of these ancient walls.

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Day 4, Cugir (bypassing difficult areas)
Riding time: 7 hours
off road motorcycle tour mic 3After acouple of days of smooth riding, it’s time to get a bit more serious. This bit we prepared through Tomnatic features a nasty descent, full of loose rocks, towards the hills of Cugir. Should that be too much for your bike, we can bypass the toughest mile or so of the course. Thankfully, the scary bit lasts only a few long minutes following which you are rewarded with not just a scenic view, but also a huge playing ground on which you can throw out any imaginable two-wheeled exercise.

Option 1:
we can spice this up with a 6 kilometer loop (3*2) of average difficulty from Tomnatic to Prislop (max. altitude 1245 m, slope 34.8%).
Option 2: we can further add on option 1 a second 8 kilometer loop (4*2) from Prislop to Lupșa (max. altitude 1470 m, slope 36.8%). This ride is quite challenging.


Day 5, Orastie
yipppee-mic-4Free day (visit Arsenal Park). Time to unwind and see some of the local attractions.Enjoy a rest day. You can stay at the country inn or you can enjoy a visit to Arsenal Park -  a secret military base and ammunition factory turned into a holiday pile whilst keeping all kinds of heavy armoured weapons, vehicles, boats and planes at display. More than that, these are actually in use, but for completely different purposes than they were built for ... meant to suit your needs for fun, relaxation or adrenalin.

Day 6,  Orastie – Poiana Omului – Orastie
Riding time: 6 hours

If you’ve liked it so far, you’re going to love this bit. Today’s trail starts off mild, offering you wide views to begin with, then tempts you with a bit of rocky downhill. Follow the river up its narrow gorge and you’ll end up in a forest straight out of fairytales. The Men’s Meadow, which is where we’ll end up in, will give you refuge to rest and think about the good things in life.

Day 7, Orastie – Bucharest
Transfer to the airport. Already looking forward to welcoming you again!

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Departure date

Price per person
(2 persons to one double room)

Single room supplement


7 day tour. Departure from Bucarest (GMT+2h)

Rider with own motorbike

775 €

89 €

Available on request

Rider with


89 €

Available on request

** A minimum of 2 people is required

Price includes:

English speaking guide, motorcycle enthusiast
Accommodation: 6 nights of accommodation in a country inn
Meals: 6 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 6 dinners
Not included: bike, parking fees, flight and airport taxes, beverages and other not mentioned. Tourist attractions are presented as recommendations only and are not included in the price.


Special notes & info
Duration of the tour: 7 days
Riding days: 4 days
Please bring your motorcycle gear: helmet, gloves, and special riding boots, off road knee protection.
Motorcycle driving license compulsory.
500 Euro/motorcycle as damage deposit will be required. You will receive back the damage deposit at the end of the programme should the motorbike be returned with no damage.

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Other mentions

  • Once you realise the price of good beer and wine you will probably not want to return to your country.
  • Cluj-Napoca is well known city for the night life oportunity.
  • Plenty of English is spoken and you will find the people are friendly and open.
  • No visa is required and you can get green card extension insurance from your insurer to cover Romania.

Media Mentions 

We're pleased to say that Adventure Motorcycle Tours - Transylvania Live  has recently garnered the attention of several publications and broadcasts 
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… and to all thinking about this trip. GO, it was brilliant last year. The organizers made a real effort to make us welcome and provide a good tour and they didn't disappoint.
Mark Preston, UK

Alin -Thank you for showing us Romania. You are a great ambassador for your country!
The Three Mikes & Bert, Canberra, Australia


Alin, group leader says:
I generally love to ride for the feeling of freedom and for the pleasure of traveling in nature. Particularly this tour contains the most special routes for a motorcyclist.


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