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What is Adventure Motorcycle Tours - Transylvania Live?

Adventure Motorcycle Tours and Rentals, the most important motorcycle tours organizer in Eastern Europe, provides individuals or organizations with solutions to their travel needs, represents the interests of a client and deals directly with rental companies and other trip service providers. We tackle issues such as competitive rates, contingency planning, organizing all the logistics of a trip, and how to get the customer to their ultimate destination.

Launched in 1995 Adventure Motorcycle Tours - Transylvania Live is always searching for better values and continuously optimizing existing services. Professional staffs are not only ready to answer current needs, but can also anticipate future requirements in the constantly changing marketplace.

Our management team

Claudia Claudia Palfi General Manager
Alin Todea Business Development Manager  
Adrian Trim UK Business Development  
Andreea Leaha US Business Development Manager
Transylvania Live team Emilia Niculescu Sales Manager Spain  
Hertha Todea Financial Manager
Guide for Motorcycle Tours with Motorcycle Rental Roumania

Mihai Gheghesi


Administrative Manager
Andreea Szocz Marketing Manager
Andreea Grozav Operations Manager
Boris Gusan Legal Advisor  
Marinela Degeratu Recruitment Advisor  



Our guides

Adventure Motorcycle Tours - Transylvania Live comes with experienced and attentive English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Hungarian, Polish or Ivrit speaking guides and visits to major tourist destinations throughout Transylvania, Romania and Eastern Hungary.
Learn more about our guides here

Company Identification

the company is a registered tour operator
Adventure Motorcycle Tours and Rentals SRL
Tour Operator Tourism business licence number: 6180 -download
Registration: J12/368/11
Unique code: 28072686
Administrator: Claudia Daniela Palfi

Adventure Motorcycle Tours - office Address

first floor of Transylvania Live offices building
Razboieni street, no.31 A, Turda, 401189, Turda, Cluj county, Romania


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